Finally, a complete computer system with integrated software applications for your in-house installment loans. Instantly the information you enter for an installment loan is posted, calculated and put to work in a variety of ways including general account information, contract calculations, reports and summaries, marketing applications, accounts receivable analysis and account maintenance. Some key features of RFS® include:

Account Information

Contract Calculations

Management Reports & Summaries

Multiple Office Support


Accounts Receivable Analysis

Account Maintenance

Flexible Support Database (Dynamic modification of:)

Interface Capabilities

Optional modules available with the Retail Finance System are the Revolving Charge System and Inventory System. These modules are fully interfaced to RFS®, and draw from the common customer information database.

The Revolving Charge System handles revolving charge sales, layaway transactions and cash sales. The Inventory System module tracks full inventory information and provides item descriptions, prices and cost information to the other modules when available. Some highlights of each of the modules are:

Revolving Charge System Highlights

Layaway System Highlights

Inventory System Highlights

The Retail Finance System, and each of these optional modules, reduces the time required for personnel to do a specific job. You can cut overtime and avoid hiring additional staff for increasing paperwork. And you'll enjoy better control of your receivables.

RFS® gives you quick access to vital information, freeing yourself and others on your team for more productive work. In short, RFS® will allow you to provide better customer service. Email us today for more information or to arrange a personal demonstration.