Accelerated Management Systems introduces an integrated system designed specifically for the financial services industry. It's called the Consumer Finance System®. CFS automates the origination, maintenance and management of consumer finance loans. With CFS, it only takes a few minutes to process a customer loan, including document processing of the promissory note, disclosure statement, applicable insurance forms and/or policies, and print the ledger card and payment book. Other key features of CFS® include:

Account Information

Contract Calculations

Management Reports & Summaries

Multiple Office Support


Accounts Receivable Analysis

Account Maintenance

Flexible Support Database (Dynamic modification of:)

Interface Capabilities

The procedures utilized by CFS® comply in full with state and federal regulations. And, as with all AMS products, you'll receive a complete evaluation of your needs with full installation, training and support by knowledgeable professionals. With CFS, you can finally enjoy all the benefits which were once only available to the "big guys."